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As is true in most careers, and photography is no exception, you do not want to be a jack of all trades and master of none. Consider the suggestions below to find your own groove, and customize your skills and interests into a more lucrative career. If you haven"t found a niche, it"s time you do, because this industry has demonstrated that having one area of expertise is the best way to actually make a professional living in photography. You will find that photos of any of these subjects can be enhanced just by finding your own technique or lighting direction. Practice within the niche with different lenses until you find your own signature result, and then strategize a marketing plan for the images. There are a million possibilities, but these suggestions will trigger your search for the perfect muse.
Real estate photos How many bad photos from awkward angles have we seen from realtors? It is a disservice to sellers everywhere to have so-so images of their house on realty websites. Market your services hard to real estate companies. Show them the difference between their results and yours; they have photos, but you have art.
Newborn photography Babies don"t have to be photographed in cloth pea pods and flowers in the style of Anne Geddes to be keepsake-worthy (though that worked out pretty well for her).  Proud new parents will cherish professional photos of their new little one, whether at the hospital or in their home. Find a way to market this to local hospitals and expectant parent programs.
Dessert photos Desserts are profitable money makers for the restaurant industry, and the right menu photos make all the difference in getting the order. Once you"ve figured out all the angles and have a portfolio you can promote your portfolio aggressively to eateries.
Actor/actress/model headshots If you live around LA, this area is especially smart. These professionals get jobs based on how they look, and if you can deliver the goods, you"re in.
Pet photos A recent survey showed that more than 50 percent of pet owners would risk their own lives to save their pet"s life. If that"s not love, I don"t know what is. Pets are really that important to people. You can promote your services through small animal veterinarians, pet stores, and local pet shelters. A new trend is to take the pet"s photo and reproduce the image on canvas, so that it looks appropriate even over the mantel.

By Adam Herschkowitz
Get Photography Jobs, Contributing Editor

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