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Vicente Rodriguez, Photographer:

I had a portrait studio back in Chicago for 15 years and I wish your service was available back then - it's an excellent source of information. I am semi-retired now but I'm looking for some supplemental income. This is a great tool. Thanks for keeping me informed.

Lisa Sinizer, Director of HR:

Love your site and it is a must-use for a company looking for photographers. Very helpful in Florida especially. Thanks.

Kristin Friedersdorf, Residential Life and Recruitment Coordinator:

Get Photography Jobs has helped us tremendously each year when we recruit for our seasonal Camp Photographer position. Especially for nonprofits with limited recruitment budgets, utilizing this site helps us to reach many more candidates than we would otherwise. Thank you very much!

Tyra, photographer:

I really appreciate your web site. I was laid off and seeing that there is hope out there in the photography market is encouraging. I did get back to work two weeks ago. I do plan to keep my eyes open and share this site with friends who do need a job. Thanks so much.

Karl Boettcher, Photography:

Get Photography Jobs is our only method of recruitment. I stopped using more expensive services years ago because the quantity and the quality of the applicants I receive is better than job postings we created through Monster and Careerbuilder. It is very easy to create and manage my job postings. I like the fact that I can post jobs for more than 30 days, too.

Caroline, Photographer/Search Engine Editor:

Get Photography Jobs has a very useful newsletter for keeping up to date with photography jobs and news. I am mostly interested in the American market (principally New York and Washington DC), preferably for a celebrity news picture agency and red carpet event photography. Get Photography Jobs is a great way to find out what's happening in the industry. Thank you.

Karl Boettcher, Photographer:

The amount of applications I have received by using Get Photography Jobs has been better than my experience with either monster.com or Career Builder. I am extremely satisfied with the service provided, the ease of use of the website, and the quality of the people applying for positions.

I have recommended this website to other friends in the photography industry. A co-worker attending PMA2007 called me from a round table discussion to get your website so she could pass it along to the people she was with because they all wanted to know how to find photographers for their companies.

This website has saved me hundreds of dollars in advertising for positions, while finding great people who want to become photographers for Visual Image Photography.

Robert, Photographer:

I really enjoy your site. I like how it is very easy to use. I have gotten a lot of work from taking advantage of your site and would recommend it to anyone looking for a photography job. Thanks.

Tom Tully, Photographer:

Interesting site with some attractive jobs listed. Keep up the good work.

Joey Barney, Amateur Photographer/Contract Worker:

I love your site and I wish I had known about it a long time ago. I've loved photography for quite sometime now, and it's the job I'm shooting for, so to speak. I just wish there were more of those types of jobs in my area. Thanks for providing this service, and with any luck more jobs will open up in my area that I qualify for. Keep up the good work!

Lisa Boleman, Photographer:

Your emails are very helpful. It's nice to know what kind of jobs are available.

John Hemphill, Cameraman:

This site is very well laid out and easy to navigate. The communications from the staff are always friendly and helpful. Thanks for being here.

Dennis, Photographer:

I like your site. I am fairly new to it so I have not had any success as of yet, but I believe this has more to do with the economic situation & the number of people looking for employment. I think your site, with it being another way of seeking jobs is great - the more exposure to available jobs is what we all need. Keep up the good work.

Jackie, Photographer:

I honestly signed up on GetPhotographyJobs.com not knowing if there was a position in my city interested in my skill level, and was not confident I would find a position where my photographic skills could be used. But yesterday I just got hired on to a company that will pay me to be trained in photography and I start next week. I'll be able to focus on aspects of photography that I have previously been inexperienced in (posing and studio lighting) and getting paid for it.

Thanks for the lead! Your site helped me filter out desired jobs from all the rest.

Pat Bauer, Photographer:

I retired in 2007, but wanted to do something other than sit at home. I am about to get a degree in Digital Photography. Get Photography Jobs is helping me search seriously for the many different opportunities that are available in my city, state, and beyond. I will continue to see what is available even if I have a good local job.

Miriam, Freelance Photographer:

I found several jobs that I wanted to apply for the first day that I looked on GetPhotographyJobs.com. I submitted my resume to the various employers and was contacted by two employers within one day.

Winston Ewing H.D.D, Freelance Photographer/Independent Marketing Representative (IMR):

Thank you for your help and service provided through your e-mails. It's all very informative and well presented.

Leslie, Photographer:

I graduated in 1983 from photography school and boy, if I'd have had Get Photography Jobs it would have been wonderful! We are searching now for my daughter who is graduating from the same college I graduated from and this site is very useful to her. Thanks so so much and keep up the fantastic resources!!

Jeffrey S Moore, Engineer:

I was able to find a job doing virtual tours through Get Photography Jobs and have now started my own business. There are many opportunities on this site.

Laura, Photographer:

I have been connected to this website for a long time now. I've always seen very good photography jobs posted here.

Chaminda, Graphic Designer & Photo Editor:

Your site is very helpful to me in my job search. I highly appreciate this service.

Diane (Gardner) Giacinti, Photographer:

I use GetPhotographyJobs.com because it is so easy to navigate through. I like the ads located on the left and right columns.

Joerg Adlung, Photographer/Owner:

Great job guys, I like the Twitter follow up. Have found some great job listings throughout the nation. Keep up the great work, your work is really appreciated.

Richard E. Nixon, Photography, Graphic Design, Factory Worker:

It's quite cool to have something targeted to what I'm interested in!

Lewis Dilks, Photographer:

I find your site to be great and forward it to other photographers I know.

Edwin, College Student/Photographer (Freelance):

As a college student I really like the way GetPhotographyJobs.com gives me quick and easy job updates, gives so much information about the jobs, and the employees are kind enough to send me job updates daily! You're doing a great job!

Cathleen, Photographer:

Good site and good response with email updates. It offers up to date opportunities.

Greg, Photographer/Videographer:

Pleasantly surprised with your site. Steady updates of positions that I don't even see on Craigslist. You give a glimmer of hope for professionals in our field that need jobs in these tough times...keep it up!

Carrie, Photographer:

So far, I've been pretty impressed by the diversity of the listings which have arrived in my mailbox each week. Also some of the hints for writing a resume or the tips on interview techniques are useful. Thanks.

Rhonda Buck, Photographer:

Love, love, love Get Photography Jobs. Lots of job listings. Keep me on your list!

Sarah Karr, Photographer:

I am happy with the variety of job opportunities found on this site.

Gloria Collins, Freelance Photo-retoucher:

I love your website even though I have not been able to land a job yet. It is still a wonderful website. Keep up the good work!

Michael Bury, Photographer:

This is a good place to start - I hope to see increased depth in future articles.

William Cramer, Photographer:

Great site. User friendly and very informative, I use it often.

Laura Kerr, Photographer:

I have found this site useful and I have found work from it. Thanks.

Diane Briggs, Corporate Recruiter:

You have a great website - very easy to use and a good resource for finding people to fill jobs in the photo(technology & creative) area.

I appreciate the email contact, the candidate database, the use of job fairs and just making it all around easier for me to access good talent in this highly specialized area.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Glenn Lopez, Graphic Artist:

Awesome website for people looking for photography jobs anywhere in the United States and beyond. Keep up the good work guys!! More power!!

Ken Tersten, Photographer:

I love your site. It's easy to navigate and has a great set up!

Wayne Maher, Tour Director:

I like your site - it's very comprehensive. Your immediate openings e-mail is useful also.

Carl Jones, Photographer:

Good layout - easy to look for things - keep up the good work.

Sherry Browning, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor:

Easy to use; site provides just the information I need. Thanks.

Tom Pavitt, Photographer:

Your service is splendid. I have no complaints.

Iris , Photography Student:

I have a broken hand, so in keeping this short, your web site is fantastic!

Jack Beckett, Director Of Photography Motion Picture:

My experience with your service has been great. Your site has provided me with a narrowed focus on just the opportunities I'm looking for. I look forward to your email daily.

Tony Galvan, Freelance Photographer:

Thanks for your great service! Your site has helped me find 2 gigs.

Dona Zander, Photographer:

I love your website and the "personal" touch you put into your emails.

Lizby, Student Photographer:

I have to say I like being able to search for jobs that relate to my field and get updates on them. I have made some good connections for jobs after I graduate from college.

Gregg Mack, Electrical Engineer/Amateur Photographer:

I am a full time Electrical Engineering Manager, who has a passion for photography. I occasionally look for (and have applied once) for a freelance, part-time photography assignment. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service!

Marci, Artist/Photographer:

It is really great to have a site like this that addresses the needs of someone like myself who doesn't want to hunt through local papers and internet job boards to try and find work that interests me. Thanks a lot!

Kevin, Photographer:

Been enjoying the listings of job opportunities. Saw a few that were right up my alley but not close enough to home yet. You are a great resource!

Tanya Eldridge, Photographer:

I have only been on your site a few times, but it is helpful and informative. I can easily search for local freelance jobs. Thanks for creating such a useful site for freelance workers.

S Chaisson, Freelance Photographer:

I found your website to be easy to use and your notification emails very helpful. I've been a member for only a month and I already found my first photography job.

Chrissy, Student Photographer:

I think this this site is a great idea! I've found more photography jobs on this site than any other. Great job!

Jake, Photo Employer:

We placed ads with GetPhotographyJobs for freelance Photographers and had an overwhelming response. We have Photographers that tell us shooting sports is now a profit center for their business.

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